Waveney District Council 1974-1977

Waveney District Council was formed on the 1st April 1974 under new local government re-organisation and the municipal bus operations of Lowestoft Council passed to the new authority, along with all vehicles and services.

An agreement had been reached in March 1974 that enabled all the services of Lowestoft Corporation to be integrated with those of Eastern Counties, with both the Company and the Corporation running on all the routes.

The agreement was known as the Lowestoft Joint Services. On the 14th March 1976 the Lowestoft Joint Service agreement was dissolved, with most of the services passing to Eastern Counties, leaving Waveney District Council to operate the majority of services between Lansdowne Road and Gunton Estate, along with a number of school journeys.

Waveney District Council continued to maintain the remaining bus network, although no major revisions were made and throughout its short existence no further vehicles were added to the fleet. 

On 3rd December 1977, Waveney ceased to operate buses altogether, passing the remaining services to Eastern Counties, bringing to an end the short three year history of the Waveney District Council Transport Department.

In preparing this history reference has been made to the following sources;
PSV Circle Fleet History 2PF9 (1987); Lowestoft Corporation Transport 1903-1974 (this site).

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