Rossie Motors (Rossington) Ltd. 1923-1980

In 1923 William Morpus commenced operations on a service from the mining village of Rossington to the nearby town of Doncaster using a 14-seat Ford (WT593). In the following years, although this remained the only service operated, several more vehicles were introduced to the fleet, including Reo, Bristol and Daimler buses.

The early years of the Company were spent at 139, King George Road, Rossington, but by 1927 the headquarters had moved to Coxley House.

An express service licence was granted in the late 1920’s running from Rossington to Doncaster and on to Wrexham, which the Company operated until 1975 when it was sold to Beehive Services of Adwick-le-Street, together with the tours and excursions licences from Rossington.

Although the fleet was never large it was varied. Early acquisitions were an ADC423 and a Daimler CF6 from the Crosville Motor Company, the Daimler creating such a good impression that several more were purchased second-hand.

The first double-decker was DT3692 an ex-Doncaster Corporation Daimler CP6 with Roe H28/24R bodywork, which was purchased in 1944.

Throughout the years the Company built up the tours and excursions side of the business and was also running a number of contract services, including many school contracts, for which a number of second-hand double-deckers were acquired, and daily journeys to Burton’s and Crompton Parkinson’s in Doncaster. A Limited Company was formed in 1952.

Two Leyland PD2/1’s (JCD51 and JCD66) were acquired in 1962, the Company’s first 30ft long double-deckers.

By 1967 Rossie Motors was licensed to operate the following services;

Doncaster (New South Bus Station) to Rossington (New Village), via Rossington Bridge and West End Lane.Doncaster (New South Bus Station) to Church Lane, Bessacarr.

The Doncaster to Rossington service was worked daily, jointly with Doncaster Corporation, Blue Ensign and East Midland, whilst the Bessacarr service had not been operated for some years, although a licence was held.

William Morpus had sadly died in 1962, but Rossie Motors continued to be run by his daughter (and her husband), but in May 1980 they accepted an offer for the Company of £90,000 from the South Yorkshire PTE.

For a while the Company ran as a separate entity, although gradually it was merged into the Doncaster division of the PTE, along with the joint stage carriage licence and the remaining contracts.

By February 1981 the dark green, lime green and white livery was only a memory and Rossie Motors (Rossington) Ltd., had joined a number of other Doncaster independents on the route to oblivion.

In producing this history reference has been made to the following sources;
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