Majestic Express Motors Ltd. Bus Fleet List 1933-1953

This company was purchased jointly by North Western RCC and Midland Red in 1933 and operated as a subsidiary until 1953 when it was wound up. No new vehicles were allocated after 1938, the company subsequently operating with vehicles on hire.

Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating


PJ2300AEC Regal6621166DupleC31R
PJ2343AEC Regal6621254DupleC31R

PJ2300 ex-South Wales express Coaches (new 1931).
PJ2343 ex-Cliff’s Express Services (new 1931).
Withdrawn 1936 (PJ2300, PJ2343).


JA6971-6973Leyland TS79492-94HarringtonC26F

JA6971-6973 re-seated to C32F in 1946.
Withdrawn 1952 (JA6971-6973).


ADB554Leyland TS817869HarringtonC26F

ADB554 re-seated to C32F in 1946.
Withdrawn 1952 (ADB554).

North Western Road Car Co.
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