Samuel Ledgard Ltd. Bus Fleet List 1912-1967

Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating


U1949Karrier 40hp?NicholsonCh25

Withdrawn 1914 (requisitioned by War Department, not returned). Registration retained and re-used.


U2300Karrier 40hp?NicholsonCh25
U2389Dennis 4 ton644NicholsonCh26

U2300, U2389 subsequently received Nicholson Ch29 non-demountable bodies.
U2300 was named “Victory”.
Withdrawn 1921.


U2706Karrier PB70505NicholsonCh26

Received a Nicholson Ch29 non-demountable body c. 1917. Named “Trafalgar”.
Withdrawn 1926.


U3798Caledon DD105?Ch26

Rebodied by Nicholson Ch29 in 1919.
Withdrawn 1927.


U1421Caledon DD408NicholsonCh29

Withdrawn 1926.


U1949Caledon EE427NicholsonCh29
U5122Caledon EE417NicholsonCh29
U5497Caledon EE447NicholsonCh29
U6069-6070Caledon EE470/434LedgardCh27
U7099-7100Caledon EE566/562NicholsonCh29
U8103Caledon 40hpB64?KingCh14

U1949 bore a re-issued registration. Re-bodied Roe B26F in 1924.
U5122 re-bodied Roe B26F in 1924.
U5497 was re-seated to Ch34 c.1921.
U6069 was named “Nelson”.
U7099 re-seated to Ch34 c.1921.
U7100 re-seated to Ch26 by 1921.
Withdrawn 1921 (U8103,U7100), 1925 (U6070),
1927 (U7099,U5497,U5122,U6069), 1928 (U1949).


NW7294Chevrolet G23422RainforthB14F
NW7442GMC K1622476?B17F
NW8040-8042Guy BB1620-22GuyB26F

NW7294 (new 1924), NW7442 (1924), ex-Ward, Horsforth.
NW8040-NW8042 later rebuilt by Ledgard c.1928.
Withdrawn 1927 (NW7294, NW7442), 1929 (NW8040, NW8041),
1931 (NW8042).


NW8081-8084Leyland A1335378-81LedgardB26F
UM1880Leyland A1335639?B26F

Withdrawn 1930 (NW8081), 1931 (NW8082, NW8084), 1932 (NW8083),
1933 (UM1880).


UM6664-6665Leyland PLSC145280/279LeylandB31F
UM6696-6697Leyland PLSC145281/82LeylandB31F

Withdrawn 1938 (UM6664, UM6665, UM6697), 1939 (UM6696).


C2908Guy 2.5 ton1172NicholsonCh18
RR3221Graham Bros.A484492?B20F
UA770ADC 416D416017Strachan
UM8857Karrier ZX32044Ledgard?B14F
UM9700-9703Leyland PLSC345799-802LeylandB35F
WU2880Guy BABA2298?B20F

C2908 (new 1921), RR3221 (1926), RR4096 (1926), WU2880 (1925), WU8890 (1926), ex-Barratt & Thornton, Otley.
C2908 was probably not operated by Ledgard.
Withdrawn 1927 (C2908), 1930 (RR4096), 1931 (RR3221, UM8857, WU2880),
1935 (UA770, WU8890), 1939 (UM9700-9703).


UA3500-3501Leyland PLSC346677/78LeylandB35F
UA3502-3505Leyland PLSC346718/20/19/21LeylandB35F
UA4145-4146Leyland PLSC347153/329LeylandB35F

Withdrawn 1936 (UA4145), 1937 (UA4146), 1938 (UA3504), 1939 (UA3500, UA3503), 1940 (UA3501), 1941 (UA3502), by 1944 (UA3505).


UA8730-8731Leyland TS260479/80RoeC29F
UA8732-8735Leyland LT150203-206RoeB35F
UA8736-8737Chevrolet LX56755/54560?Ch14

UA8731 rebuilt to C26F by Willowbrook 1933.
UA8732 re-seated to B26F in 1942.
Withdrawn 1931 (UA8736, UA8737), 1936 (UA8730), 1941 (UA8735), 1943 (UA8730, UA8732), 1945 (UA8733), 1947 (UA8734), 1949 (UA8731).


UB2380-2381Leyland LT250690/91Guy/LedgardB35F
UB2382-2385Leyland TS260608/609,
UB2386-2389Leyland TD171143-46LeylandL24/24R
UB2390-2391Dennis Dart75702/713DennisB20F
UB4528Maudslay ML3BC4908StrachanB35F

UB2380/81 were fitted with rebuilt bodies from NW8040 and NW8042. Re-bodied by Duple to C31F in 1937.
UB2383 re-seated to B30F in 1945.
UB2385 re-seated to C32F in 1931. Following accident rebuilt and re-registered GUA900 in 1938.
Withdrawn 1936 (UB2391), 1938 (UB2385), 1939 (UB4528), 1940 (UB2390), 1942 (UB2384, UB2389), 1943 (UB2382, UB2386, UB2388), 1944 (UB2380), 1945 (UB2387), 1946 (UB2383), 1952 (UB2381).


UB5739Leyland KP114LeylandB20F
UB5740-5745Leyland TS161608/570/
UB5746-5749Leyland TD172114-117LeylandL24/24R

Withdrawn 1939 (UB5739, UB5743), 1940 (UB5744), 1941 (UB5741), 1943 (UB5742, UB5749), 1944 (UB5740), 1945 (UB5746, UB5748), 1946 (UB5747), 1950 (UB5745).


UB9078Maudslay ML6A5029LedgardC32F
UB9750Albion PMB287506HLedgardC32F
UG520-523Leyland KP3568-571LedgardB20F

Withdrawn 1939 (UG520), 1942 (UG521, UG523), 1946 (UB9750, UG522), 1951 (UB9078).


UG7252Daimler CP69180RobertsCH28/26R
VN249Gilford 166SD10726DupleB30F
WD1057BAT 5-ton172GuyB20F
WX709Morris 15hp3613TX?B20F
WX2805Star Flyer10331?B20F
WX2806BAT 5-ton3X122King & TaylorB20F
WX4315Morris Commercial5019?B20F

KW6156, VN249, WD1057, WX2805, WX2806 ex-Moorfield Bus Company, Yeadon (new 1929,1929,1930,1930,1930 respectively).
WX709, WX4315 ex-Thornton, Otley (new 1929,1930 respectively).
UG7252 was ex-Daimler demonstrator.
Withdrawn 1936 (KW6156, WD1057, WX4315), 1937 (VN249, WX709, WX2806), 1939 (WX2805), 1946 (UG7252).



Withdrawn 1951, the body being rebuilt to FC31F for use on JUB649 in 1953.


CUG 841-845Leyland TS79517-521English ElectricC32F
UA2315Dennis G70108DennisB20F

CUG841-843, CUG845 were converted to DP33F in 1953/54.
UA2315 ex-Rathmell, Otley (new 1928).
Withdrawn 1939 (UA2315), 1949 (CUG844), 1956 (CUG841, CUG843), 1957 (CUG842, CUG845).


EUG124-127Leyland TS713374-77DupleC32F

EUG124-126 re-seated to C33F in 1953.
Withdrawn 1954 (EUG124, EUG125, EUG127), 1958 (EUG126).


GUA637-639Leyland TS717621/436/7DupleC32F
GUA900Leyland TS260891WillowbrookC26F

GUA900 was new 1930 (as UB2385).
GUA637-639 re-seated to C33F in 1953/54.
Withdrawn 1951 (GUA900), 1956 (GUA637), 1957 (GUA638, GUA639).


HUA848Leyland TD5302429LeylandH30/26R
HUB498-499Leyland TS8302431/32DupleC32F

HUB498/499 re-seated to C33F in 1952. HUB499 rebuilt by Rhodes after accident damage 1952.
Withdrawn 1953 (HUA848), 1956 (HUB498), 1959 (HUB499).


JNW288-290Leyland TD7304632-34LeylandH30/26R

Withdrawn 1955 (JNW288), 1957 (JNW289), 1958 (JNW290).


ANW586Leyland LT5A4553BarnabyB37F
BNW4Leyland LT76811BarnabyB37F
DUB82Leyland LZ210152BarnabyB39F
FUG422Leyland TD516957LeylandL27/26R
JNW347-348Bedford OWB11231/48RoeB32F
JUA670Bedford OWB11835RoeB32F
JUA672Guy Arab IFD25799PickeringH30/26R
JUA763Guy Arab IIFD26168PickeringH30/26R
WN4759-60AEC Regent6611878/79BrushL26/25R

WN4759/60, ANW586, BNW4, DUB82, FUG422 ex-Tate, Leeds (new 1932, 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1938 respectively). WN4759/60 ex-South Wales Nos. 259/260 to Tate 1938. WN4760 was not operated by Ledgard.
JNW347 was severely damaged in accident and written off 1947. The registration subsequently re-used for unidentified second-hand Bedford OWB and vehicle re-seated to B30F.
JUA762/763 re-bodied by Roe H31/25R in 1951.
Withdrawn 1943 (WN4760), 1944 (WN4759), 1951 (ANW586, BNW4, JNW348, JUA670), 1952 (BUB82), 1953 (FUG422, JNW347), 1961 (JUA762, JUA763).


JUA915-918Daimler CWA611506/7/28/46RoeH30/26R
JUA989Bedford OWB17930DupleB32F
JUA991Bedford OWB17935DupleB32F

JUA991 later re-seated to B30F.
JUA918 fitted with platform doors 1955.
Withdrawn 1950 (JUA989), 1954 (JUA917, JUA991), 1955 (JUA915), 1959 (JUA918), 1961 (JUA916).


JUB128-129Daimler CWA611700/750DupleH30/26R
JUB647-648Daimler CWD612251/52DupleH30/26R
JUB649-652Daimler CWA612253/56/64/65DupleH30/26R
JUB658-659Daimler CWA612290/91DupleH30/26R

JUB647 fitted with platform doors 1954.
JUB649 received the chassis (12899) and registration from HGF948 in 1953 and was rebuilt to FC31F by Rhodes using the Brush body from CUB1.
Withdrawn 1953 (JUB658), 1956 (JUB129), 1959 (JUB128, JUB652), 1960 (JUB649 [as HGF948], JUB650, JUB659), 1962 (JUB647, JUB648, JUB651).


JUM376-378Leyland PD1460862/926/27LeylandH30/26R

JUM376 re-seated to H32/26R in 1961.
Withdrawn 1964 (JUM376, JUM378), 1965 (JUM377).


LUB671-676Leyland PS1/1462133/421/73/

LUB671-676 rebuilt to FC33F in 1952-1954 by Samlesbury.
Withdrawn 1963.


MUA860-862Leyland PD2/1490598/96/
MUA863-864Foden PVSC628700/760PlaxtonC33F
MUA865-866Foden PVSC629150/52PlaxtonFC33F

MUA860-862 re-seated to H32/26R in 1959,1960 and 1963 respectively.
Withdrawn 1966 (MUA860, MUA861, MUA862, MUA863, MUA865, MUA866), 1967 (MUA864).


MUA867-868Foden PVSC629614/180PlaxtonC33F

Withdrawn 1966 (MUA868), 1967 (MUA867).


ONW2Foden PVFE630642PlaxtonFC37F

To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67. Not operated.


PNW91-93Leyland PD2/12512536,

PNW91 re-seated to H32/26R in 1961.
PNW92-93 re-seated to H32/26R in 1962.
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67. Not operated.


HGF805Daimler CWA612592DupleH30/26R
HGF897Daimler CWA612848Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF904Daimler CWA612855Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF911Daimler CWA612862Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF913Daimler CWA612864Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF916Daimler CWA612867Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF948Daimler CWA612899Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF949Daimler CWA612900Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF951Daimler CWA612902Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF953-954Daimler CWA612904/05Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF957-958Daimler CWA612908/09Park RoyalH30/26R

HGF940 (Daimler CWA6, 12891, Park Royal, H30/26R, new 1946) was also acquired but used for spares (ex-LT No D263).
Ex-London Transport Nos. D178/220/227/234/236/239/271/272/274/
276/277/280/281 respectively, new 1946.
HGF948 received the chassis and registration from JUB649 before entering service.
Withdrawn 1960 (HGF897, HGF904, HGF948 [JUB649], HGF949, HGF951, HGF958), 1961 (HGF805, HGF913, HGF916, HGF953, HGF954, HGF957), 1962 (HGF911).


EHN965-967Leyland TS8302196-98ECWDP32F
EHN970Leyland TS8302201ECWDP32F
HGF876Daimler CWA612827Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF887-888Daimler CWA612838/39Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF890-891Daimler CWA612841/42Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF907-908Daimler CWA612858/59Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF910Daimler CWA612861Park RoyalH30/26R
HGF914Daimler CWA612865Park RoyalH30/26R

EHN965-967, EHN970 ex-United Automobile Services Nos. LLE9-11/13 respectively, new 1939. Acquired for bodies, which were to be fitted to EUG124-127, but found unsuitable. EHN965 was subsequently used for spares and EHN966, EHN967 and EHN970 re-registered EUG127, EUG124 and EUG125 respectively and entered service as such.
HGF876, HGF887, HGF888, HGF890, HGF891, HGF907, HGF908, HGF910 and HGF914 ex-London Transport Nos. D199/210/211/213/214/230/231/233 and 237 respectively, new 1946. HGF888/891/907/908/914 fitted with platform doors before entering service.
Withdrawn 1957 (EHN966 [EUG127]), 1959 (EHN967 [EUG124], EHN970 [EUG125], HGF887), 1960 (HGF876, HGF888, HGF890, HGF891, HGF907, HGF914), 1961 (HGF908, HGF910).


UUA791-792AEC RelianceMU3RV471/72BurlinghamC41F
UUA793-795Leyland PSUC1/2552974
UUA796Leyland PSUC1/2553380BurlinghamC41F

To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67. Not operated.


FBU77Leyland PS1/1483270PlaxtonC33F
FBU896Leyland PS2/3495833BurlinghamC33F
GYL291Daimler CWA612238BrushH30/26R
JP7865AEC Regal III9621E812BeccolsFC33F
JP8146AEC Regal III9621E1079BeccolsFC33F
LRW377Daimler G6HS25001DupleB36D

FBU77 ex-Devonways, Oldham, new 1949.
FBU896 ex-Holt Bros., Oldham, new 1950.
GYL291 ex-Bee Line, W. Hartlepool, new 1945 (to LPTB No. D126).
JP7865, JP8146 ex-Smith & Co., Wigan (Nos. 52 and 62 respectively), new 1949 and 1950 respectively. Rebuilt to full front in 1952 by Samlesbury.
LRW377 ex-Daimler demonstrator, new 1951.
Withdrawn 1960 (FBU77, GYL291, JP7865, JP8146, LRW377), 1964 (FBU896).


1949-1954UAEC Regent VD3RV415-20RoeH37/28R
FJW938AEC (Rebuild)E43/0/48BurlinghamC33F
GHA936Daimler CWA611469WeymannH30/26R
GHA941Daimler CWA611464DupleH30/26R
GHA945Daimler CWA611482DupleH30/26R
GHA965Daimler CWA611511DupleH30/26R
GHA968Daimler CWA611514DupleH30/26R
GUY3Guy Arab UFUF70532Park Royal/GuyB40F
GVA289Leyland PSU1/11502909DupleC41F
JJW239Guy Arab IIIFD33208GuyB35F
JP7221Leyland PS1/1482000Bellhouse HartwellFC33F
KUP949Leyland PS1/1496118BurlinghamC33F
MTJ357Maudslay Regal IVM9821E10009BurlinghamC41C
NWW805-806Atkinson PL745HFC2363/62BurlinghamB44F
XUG141Daimler CVG619025BurlinghamH36/27R

FJW938 ex-Stubbs, Tunstall, new 1948 (reconstructed by Don Everall from Birmingham CT Regent OG373).
GHA936, GHA941, GHA945, GHA965, GHA968 ex-BMMO (Nos. 2512/2517/2521/2530/2533), new 1943 or 1944 (GHA965/968).
GUY 3, JJW239, NWW805-806 ex-Kitchen & Sons, Pudsey new 1951 or 1955 (NWW805-806).
GVA289, KUP949 ex-Baxter, Airdrie (Nos. 42 and 40 respectively), new 1951 and 1950 respectively.
JP7221 ex-Smith & Co., Wigan (No. 45), new 1948. Rebuilt to FC33F in 1955 by Samlesbury.
MTJ357 ex-Mascot Coaches, Norwich (No. 9), new 1951.
Withdrawn 1958 (JP7221), 1960 (FJW938, GHA945, GHA968), 1961 (GHA941, GHA965, JJW239), 1962 (GHA936), 1963 (MTJ357, NWW805, NWW806), 1967 (GUY3, GVA289).
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd., 10/67, (1949-1954U, KUP949, XUG141). Renumbered DGW12 (XUG141), DAW5-10 (1949-1954U). KUP949 not operated.


EN8408Daimler CWA611420RoeH31/25R
EWO772-773Albion CX1358026L/27BBristolB35R
FAX306Albion CX1358024KBristolB35R
FAX308Albion CX1358027LBristolB35R
FAX311Albion CX1358027FBristolB35R
GHN631Bristol K6AW1024ECWL27/28R
GHN635Bristol K6AW1146ECWL27/26R
GHN837Bristol K6AW2055ECWL27/26R
GHN838Bristol K6AW2096ECWL27/28R
GHN840Bristol K6AW2100ECWL27/26R

EN8408 ex-Bury Corporation (No. 95), new 1943.
EWO772-773, FAX306, FAX308, FAX311 ex-Red & White (Nos. S23/24, S246, S446, S746), new 1946. Renovated by Samlesbury.
GHN631, GHN635, GHN837, GHN838, GHN840 ex-United Automobile Services (Nos. BAL1, BAL4-6, BAL8), new 1945 (GHN631, GHN635) and 1946.
Withdrawn 1961 (EWO772, FAX308, FAX311), 1962 (EWO773, FAX306), 1963 (EN8408), 1964 (GHN631, GHN837-38), 1965 (GHN635, GHN840).


GBU537Leyland PS2/3501256PlaxtonFC39F
GBU539Leyland PS2/3500390PlaxtonFC39F
JFJ50-52Daimler CVD614967-69BrushH30/26R
JFJ55Daimler CVD614972BrushH30/26R
KBU880Bedford SBO34730DupleC38F
KHU602Bristol K6A64002ECWL27/28R
KHU603Bristol K6B64005ECWL27/28R
LAE2Leyland PD1A472309BristolH30/26R
LNW522-531Daimler CVD615043-52BrushH30/26R
SDU711Daimler CVG618954WillowbrookH37/29RD

GBU537, GBU539 ex-Broadway Motors, Hollinwood, new 1951.
JFJ50-52, JFJ55 ex-Exeter Corporation (Nos. 28-30, 33), new 1948.
KBU880 ex-Green & Sons, Brierley Hill, new 1955.
KHU602, KHU603, LAE2 ex-Bristol Omnibus (Nos. L4105/4106, C4033), new 1947 and 1948 (LAE2).
LNW522-531 ex-Leeds Corporation (Nos. 522-531), new 1948.
SDU711 ex-demonstrator, new 1956.
Withdrawn 1963 (GBU537, GBU539, JFJ50-52, JFJ55, KBU880, LNW524, LNW528, LNW531), 1964 (LNW522-523, LNW525-527, LNW530), 1965 (KHU603, LNW529), 1967 (KHU602, LAE2).
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67 (SDU711). Renumbered DGW11.


ARN392-394Leyland PD1460931/57/56AlexanderH32/26R
BCK414-415Leyland PD1A470018/463016LeylandH32/26R
BCK421-422Leyland PD1A470962/61LeylandH32/26R
BCK621Leyland PD1A462945LeylandH32/26R
BCK624Leyland PD1A463011LeylandH32/26R
BCK633Leyland PD1A471814SamlesburyH32/26R
BCK636Leyland PD1A471830LeylandH32/26R
KHU608Bristol K6A64056ECWL27/28R
KHW243Leyland PD1A470836BristolH30/26R
KHW622Leyland PD1A470979BristolH30/26R
KHW631Leyland PD1A471695ECWH30/26R
KHY395Leyland PD1A472148ECWH30/26R
KHY746Bristol K6B64174ECWH30/26R
LAE12Leyland PD1A472849ECWH30/26R

ARN392-394, BCK621, BCK624, BCK633, BCK636 ex- Preston Corporation (Nos. 88/89, 52, 71, 90, 99, 102), new 1946 (ARN392-394) and 1947.
BCK414-415, BCK421-422 ex-Ribble Motor Services (Nos. 2471-72, 2478-79), new 1947.
KHU608, KHW622, KHW631, KHY395, KHY746, LAE12 ex-Bristol Omnibus (Nos. L4107, C4002, C4011, C4020, C4026, C3706, C4043), new 1947 (KHW243) or 1948.
Withdrawn 1964 (KHU608, KHY746), 1965 (KHW243, LAE12), 1966 (KHW622), 1967 (ARN392, BCK624, KHW631)
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67 (ARN393-394, BCK414-415, BCK421-422, BCK621, BCK633, BCK636, KHY395), but not operated.


GDK401-405AEC Regent III0961872-76East LancsH31/28R
GWY157AEC Regent III09611684RobertsH30/26R
JWU131Leyland PD2/1500108LeylandH30/26R

GDK401-405 ex-Rochdale Corporation (Nos. 201-205), new 1948.
GWY157, JWU131 ex-Felix Motors, Hatfield (Nos. 26, 28), new 1948 (GWY157) and 1950 (JWU131).
Withdrawn 1965 (GDK404), 1966 (GDK405), 1967 (GDK402-403).
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67 (GDK401, GWY157, JWU131), but not operated.


252BNWFord 570E510E55698DupleC41F
8848WYFord 570E510E52784DupleC41F
DCN831Guy Arab LUFLUF72138PicktreeC35F
DCN834-838Guy Arab LUFLUF72143/78/
DCN839-840Guy Arab LUFLUF72222/23PicktreeC35F
EUH959Leyland PD2/3502568LeylandL27/26R
KGK687AEC Regent III09612994WeymannH30/26R
KLB529AEC Regent III09613233Park RoyalH30/26R
KLB837AEC Regent III09613354WeymannH30/26R
LHU520Bristol K5G66184ECWH30/26R
LLU803AEC Regent III09615146Park RoyalH30/26R
LYR846AEC Regent III09616302WeymannH30/26R
LYR867AEC Regent III09616338WeymannH30/26R
LYR916AEC Regent III09616528WeymannH30/26R
LYR926AEC Regent III09616562WeymannH30/26R
LYR933AEC Regent III09616565WeymannH30/26R
MLL828AEC Regent III09616587WeymannH30/26R
MLL838AEC Regent III09616600WeymannH30/26R
MXX137AEC Regent III09616746WeymannH30/26R
MXX147-149AEC Regent III09616779/58/
MXX176AEC Regent III09616799WeymannH30/26R
MXX179AEC Regent III09616794WeymannH30/26R
NLE831AEC Regent III09616926WeymannH30/26R
NLP598AEC Regent III09617507Park RoyalH30/26R
NXP764AEC Regent III09617491Park RoyalH30/26R
NXP864AEC Regent III09617523Park RoyalH30/26R
OLD705AEC Regent III09617902Park RoyalH30/26R

252BNW ex-Rogers Motor Coaches, Leeds, new 1962.
8848WY ex-Waterhouse, Crawshawbooth, new 1961.
DCN831, DCN8324-840 ex-Northern General (Nos. 1531, 1534-1540), new 1954.
EUH959 ex-Eynon & Sons, Trimsaran, new 1950.
LHU520 ex-Bristol Omnibus (No. C3411), new 1948.
KGK687, KLB529/837, LLU803, LYR846/867/916/926/933, MLL828/838, MXX137/147-149/176/179, NLE831, NLP598, NXP764/864, OLD705 ex-London Transport (Nos. RT1218/1280/2458/1895/3427/3448/3497/3507/
3514/3518/3528/3622/3632-3634/3724/4605/4410/4611/4485 respectively), new 1949 (KGK687, KLB529/837), 1950 (LLU803), 1952 (LYR846/867/916/926/933, MLL828/838, MXX137/147-149), 1953 (MXX176/179, NLE831, NLP598, NXP764/864) and 1954 (OLD705). To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67, but not operated.
Withdrawn 1965 (LHU520), 1966 (EUH959), 1967 (DCN831).
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67 (DCN834-840 (not operated), 252BNW, 8848WY). Renumbered CF1 (8848WY), CF2 (252BNW).


846-847HUABedford SB592886/881DupleC41F
856-859HUBBedford SB594153/52/50
CRN852Leyland PD2/3501401LeylandL27/26R
CRN855Leyland PD2/3501441LeylandL27/26R
CRN866Leyland PD2/3501605LeylandL27/26R
DRN273Leyland PD2/3504783LeylandL27/26RD
HLW181AEC Regent III0961161Park RoyalH30/26R
KYY504AEC Regent III9612E5026WeymannL27/26R
LYR915AEC Regent III09616518WeymannH30/26R
LYR918AEC Regent III09616524WeymannH30/26R
LYR924AEC Regent III09616532WeymannH30/26R
MLL834AEC Regent III09616609WeymannH30/26R
MLL907AEC Regent III09616730WeymannH30/26R
MLL910AEC Regent III09616729WeymannH30/26R
MLL920AEC Regent III09616747WeymannH30/26R

846-847HUA and 856-859HUB were hired for the summer season from Hughes (dealer), Gomersal, 857/859HUB for 1 season (returned 10/64), 846/847HUA for 3 seasons (returned 10/66) and 856/858HUB for 4 seasons (returned 10/67).
CRN852, CRN855, CRN866, DRN273 ex-Ribble Motor Services (Nos. 2759, 2762, 2773, 1333), new 1950. To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67, but not operated.
HLW181, KYY504, LYR915/918/924, MLL834/907/910/920 ex-London Transport (Nos. RT194, RLH4, RT3496/3499/3505/3524/3597/3600/3610), new 1947 (HLW181), 1950 (KYY504) and 1952. To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67, but not operated.


7543WWBedford SB180084PlaxtonC41F
AUM413-414CLeyland PSU3/3RL24929/30PlaxtonC51F
HLX157AEC Regent III0961388WeymannH30/26R
KGU263Leyland 7RT493260Park RoyalH30/26R
KXW125AEC Regent III09613500Park RoyalH30/26R
KXW494AEC Regent III09613999WeymannH30/26R
KYY502AEC Regent III9612E5025WeymannL27/26R
KYY506AEC Regent III9612E5033WeymannL27/26R
KYY508AEC Regent III9612E5027WeymannL27/26R
KYY868AEC Regent III09615067Park RoyalH30/26R

7543WW on loan from Hughes (dealer) Gomersal 29/7 to 30/8/65.
AUM413-414C hired from Hughes (dealer), Gomersal for 3 summer seasons, returned 10/67.
HLX157, KGU263, KXW494 ex-Lesney Products, London, new 1948, 1949, 1950 respectively. Originally London Transport RT340, RTL305, RT1395.
KXW125, KYY868 ex-Super Coaches, Upminster, new 1950. Originally London Transport RT2496/4265.
KYY502/506/508 ex-London Transport (Nos. RLH2/6/8), new 1950.
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. (HLX157, KGU263, KXW125/494, KYY502/506/508/868), but not operated.


BCK427Leyland PD1A462224BurlinghamL27/26RD
BCK441Leyland PD1A470180BurlinghamL27/26RD
DCN832Guy Arab LUFLUF72140PicktreeC35F
GTY169Leyland PD2/12531894Metro-CammellH32/26R
KYY536AEC Regent III09613673WeymannH30/26R
KYY799Leyland 7RT501917Metro-CammellH30/26R
LLU842Leyland 7RT502192Metro-CammellH30/26R
LLU853Leyland 7RT502205Metro-CammellH30/26R
LLU873Leyland 7RT502582Metro-CammellH30/26R
PDV726AEC Regent III9613S8092WeymannH32/26RD
PDV732AEC Regent III9613S8098WeymannH32/26RD

BCK427/441 ex-Ribble Motor Services (Nos. 2484,2498), new 1947.
DCN832 ex-Wood, Pollington, new 1954.
GTY169 ex-Tyneside Omnibus Co. (No. 39), new 1954.
KYY536/799, LLU842/853/873 ex-London Transport (Nos. RT1709, RTL829/852/863/883), new 1950.
PDV726/732 ex-Devon General (Nos. DR726/732), new 1954.
Withdrawn 1967 (DCN832, dismantled for spares).
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67 (BCK427/441, GTY169, KYY536/799, LLU842/853/873, PDV726/732), but not operated.


JUB301-304EBedford VAM146846672/741/
MCY405AEC Regent VMD3RV008WeymannH33/26R
MCY408AEC Regent VMD3RV011WeymannH33/26R
NCY453AEC Regent VMD3RV184WeymannH32/28R
NCY455AEC Regent VMD3RV186WeymannH32/28R

JUB301-304E hired for summer season from Hughes (dealer), Gomersal, returned 10/67.
MCY405/408/453/455 ex-South Wales Transport Co. (Nos. 445/448/462/464), new 1955 (MCY405/408) and 1956.
To West Yorkshire Road Car Co. Ltd. 10/67 (MCY405/408, NCY453/455). Renumbered DAW1-4.

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