Cream Bus Service Ltd. (Samuel Ledgard (Ilkley) Ltd. from 1952) Bus Fleet List 1925-1964

Fleet at take-over 5/25

Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
WT1828Karrier CY20233RoeB20F
WT3006Karrier CY20318RoeB20F
WT3541Karrier CY20614RoeB21R
WY8310Karrier C20104RoeB20F

AK8791 ex-Blakey, Otley 1922, new 1921.
The Ford vehicles (WY4397/5406/6836 and an unknown Ford, new 1922 and 1923 (WY6836)) were not operated under Ledgard ownership.
WY8310 was new 1923. WT1828/3006/3541 were new 1924.
Withdrawn 1928 (WT3541), 1929 (AK8791, WT1828, WY8310), 1931 (WT3006).


Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
WU2923AEC 413413088?B30R
WU4454Guy BBKBBK1970?B32R
WU4734Berliet 35hpVMB28729RoeB14R
WU4747AEC 411411116?B30R
WU8954AEC 413413089?B30R

Ex-Anticham, Burley-in-Wharfedale. New 1925 (WU2923) and 1926.
Withdrawn 1930 (WU4734), 1934 (WU4454, WU4747), 1935 (WU2923, WU8954).


Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
AUB489Leyland TD35515LeylandL27/26R

Re-bodied by Leyland to L26/26R in 1938.
Withdrawn 1953.


Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
AUB490Leyland TD35516LeylandL27/26R
AUM990Leyland TD46146LeylandL27/26R
BUA400-401Leyland TD46972/71LeylandL27/26R
BUA403Leyland TS76973LeylandC33R

AUB490 re-bodied by Leyland to L24/24R in 1939.
AUM990, BUA400-401 re-bodied by Leyland to L26/26R in 1938.
BUA403 received second-hand ECW B34R body from EYMS No.340 (DKH448) in 1953.
Withdrawn 1953 (AUB490, AUM990, BUA400), 1954 (BUA401), 1956 (BUA403).


Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
EUG123Leyland TD413379LeylandL27/26R

Withdrawn 1953.


Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
HUA846-847Leyland TD5302427-428LeylandH30/26R
HUA849Leyland TD5302430LeylandH30/26R

HUA847 was fitted with top-deck from Chester Corporation No 36 (EFM378) after accident damage in 1951.
Withdrawn 1954 (HUA847, HUA849), 1956 (HUA846).


Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
JUM373Leyland PD1460830Lancs AircraftH30/26R

Fitted with platform doors in 1955. Re-seated to H32/26R in 1960.
Withdrawn 1964.

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