Burton-upon-Trent Corporation Transport Tram Fleet List 1903-1929


Fleet No.TypeTrucksBodySeating
1-20Open-top 4-wheel double-deckBrill 21EERTCW??/??

15 cars were fitted with top deck covers in 1904-1915, supplied by Milnes Voss (3), UEC (10, with Nos. 6-8 having UEC top covers in 1915) and an unknown source (2).
All cars were eventually vestibuled before withdrawal.
Withdrawn 1929 (1-20).


Fleet No.TypeTrucksBodySeating
21-24Top-covered 4-wheel double-deckPreston StandardEnglish Electric24/22(?)

Top covers removed on withdrawal.
Withdrawn 1929 (21-24 [Sold to York Corporation, Nos. 42-45 as open-top]).

Note: Eight cars (numbers unknown) were hired from Great Yarmouth Corporation in 1918, but were never operated since spares were not available to render them suitable for service. They were returned in 1918 (4) and 1919 (4).

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