Bolton Corporation Tramways Tram Fleet Summary 1900-1947

Year in ServiceFleet No.TypeTrucksBody
19001-40Double-deck open-top 4-wheelBrill 21EERTCW
 41-48Double-deck canopy 4-wheelBrill 21EERTCW
 49Double-deck open-top bogieBrill 21EERTCW
190150-59Double-deck open-top bogieBrill 21EBrush
 60-81Double-deck canopy bogieBrill 21EERTCW
190382-86Double-deck open-top 4-wheelBrill 21EERTCW
190687-96Double-deck open-top 4-wheelBrill 21EERTCW
1910-1297-103Double-deck top-covered bogieBrill 21EUEC
 104-106Single-deck combination bogieBrill 21EUEC
 107-112Double-deck top-covered bogieBrill 21EUEC
1921113-120Double-deck top-covered bogieBrill 22E
English Electric 44/30
1923121-130Double-deck top-covered bogie* (?)English Electric 48/34
1924131-138Double-deck top-covered bogie **BrillBrush (1906)
1927139-150Double-deck fully-enclosed bogieBrill 22E
English Electric 48/29
1928104-106Double-deck fully-enclosed bogie***Brill 21E (?)English Electric
193333-40Double-deck covered bogie****(?)Milnes

In 1940 the remaining tram fleet was renumbered by adding 300 to existing fleet numbers.

1943331Double-deck fully-enclosed 4-wheel*****MaguireBury Corporation 22/34
 451-453Double-deck enclosed bogie*****English ElectricEnglish Electric 32/48

* Trucks supplied by Bolton CT.
** Ex-Sunderland Corporation.
*** Bodies only supplied by English Electric – presumably fitted to bogies of original single-deck cars 104-106.
**** Ex-South Lancashire Transport (44/5/7/8/50/4/5/8)
***** Ex- Bury Corporation 21(331), 55/6/8 (451-453).
All trams were withdrawn by 29th March 1947.

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