Aldershot & District Traction Co. Ltd. Bus Fleet List 1912-1971 Part 1: 1912-1935


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
AA5040-5041Leyland S2.30.TS192/928
DY35Milnes-Daimler 20hp?HunterO22/14RO
DY106Milnes-Daimler 20hp?HunterO16/12RO
DY116Milnes-Daimler 20hp1590 or 1599?O16/12RO
DY118Milnes-Daimler 20hp1590 or 1599?O16/12RO
LN3124Commer WP 30hp198CommerCh22

DY35/106/116/118 (new to Hastings and St. Leonards Omnibus Co. in 1903 (DY35) and 1904) and LN3124 (new to Commercial Hire Co. in 1907), ex-Aldershot & Farnborough Motor Omnibus Co.
Withdrawn 1912 (DY116), 1913 (DY35/106/118), 1914 (LN3124), 1919 (AA5040/5041).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
CC1-4*AA5164-5167Daimler CC365/560/
AA2139Thornycroft 24hp585?B16R
AA2186-2187Thornycroft 24hp609,622?B16R
AA5042-5043Leyland S2.30.TS216/970
AA5076Leyland S2.30.TS197/941ImmischO18/16RO
AA5162-5163Leyland S.30.T413/1228
AA5228-5229Dennis 28hp3367, ?DennisB??R
AA5239Dennis 28hp?DennisB???
DB285Dennis 40hp??Ch??
DB729Dennis 28hp??Ch??
LN344Commer WP 30hp??B??-
P3769Commer HCH118BayleysB28R

*Bonnet numbers not applied until 1922.
AA2139, AA2186-2187 ex-London & South Western Railway (Nos. 1-3M), new 1906 (AA2139) and 1907.
DB285/729, P3769 ex-Chandler, Hindhead (also possibly LN344), new c.1909 (DB285/729) and 1912 (P3769).
CC1 re-seated to B26R by 1921, B32R from 1921.
CC3 was in use as both bus and lorry during 1921, then as a lorry only from 1/22, before returning to service in 8/22 with ex-LGOC O34RO body (No.193).
CC4 re-seated to B26R by 1921.
Withdrawn 1913 (AA2139, AA2186-2187), 1914 (AA5239, DB285, DB729, LN344, P3769), 1917 (AA5162, AA5229), 1919 (AA5042-5043, AA5163), by 1921 (AA5076, AA5228), 1922 (CC1-2), 1923 (CC4), 1927 (CC3).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
CC5-6*AA5307-5308Daimler CC243,241BirchO18/16RO
CC7*AA5332Daimler CC417?O18/16RO
CD13*AB3342Daimler CD614?B32R
CD14*AA5267Daimler CD736BrushB32R
AA5268Daimler CD743BrushB32R
CD15*AA5269Daimler CD734BrushB32R
AA5376-5377Daimler B3210/04BirchO18/16RO

*Bonnet numbers not applied until 1922.
CC5-7 ex-Algemeine Autobus Gesellschaft, via the British Automobile Traction Co.
CC6 was B26? by 1921.
CD13 ex-Worcestershire Motor Transport, new 1913. Second-hand Brush B29? body fitted 1922, rebodied by Strachan and Brown to B26? in 1926.
CD14/15 were B26R by 1921. CD14 B32R by 7/21 and CD15 B32R by 1923.
CD14/15 rebodied with 26-seat Strachan and Brown bodywork 1926.
AA5376 or AA5377 received a single-deck body before withdrawal.
Withdrawn 1914 (AA5268 sent to Daimler for repair after accident, but chassis probably commandeered by War Department), 1921 (AA5376-5377), 1924 (CC6), 1926 (CC5), 1927 (CC7), 1929 (CD13-15).


A&D purchased a number of lorry chassis (mostly Belsize 3-ton) for use on military contracts during World War I. As the contract was wound down many of the chassis were given bus bodies and used in passenger service, some probably for only a short period and some chassis received several different bodies over time. The following vehicles are known to have carried bus bodies at some time, but there may have been others so far not documented.

Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
B16*AA5454Daimler B3330?B26R
CC8-10*AA5367-5369Daimler CC411, 412,
AA5447Daimler CD612?B??R
AA5519Belsize 3-ton??B??R
AA5521Belsize 3-ton??B??R
AA5523-5524Belsize 3-ton10022, ??B??R
AA5527Belsize 3-ton??B??R
AA5530Belsize 3-ton??B??R
AA5643Belsize 3-ton??O??RO
AA5644Belsize 3-ton??B??R
AA5645Belsize 3-ton????
AA5647Belsize 3-ton????
AA5659-5660Belsize 3-ton10569, ??B??R
AA5662Belsize 3-ton10564?B??R

* Bonnet numbers not applied until 1922.
AA5645 and AA5647 may have been McCurd chassis.
Withdrawn 1916 (AA5645, AA5647), by 1919 (AA5519, AA5521, AA5523, AA5524, AA5527, AA5530, AA5643-5644, AA5659-5660), by 1921 (AA5447, AA5662), 1923 (B16, CC10), 1924 (CC9), 1927 (CC8).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D17*HO2320Dennis Subsidy12074DodsonO18/16RO
D18*HO2334Dennis Subsidy12508??
D19*HO2335Dennis Subsidy12349ImmischO18/16RO
D20*HO2336Dennis Subsidy12078?O18/16RO
D21*HO2337Dennis Subsidy12116DodsonO18/16RO
D22*HO2338Dennis Subsidy12219BirchO18/16RO
D23*HO2339Dennis Subsidy12397TillingO18/16RO
D24*HO2340Dennis Subsidy12123?O18/16RO
D25-26*HO2341-2342Dennis Subsidy12217/221TillingO18/16RO
D27*HO2343Dennis Subsidy12582DennisCh28
D28*HO2344Dennis Subsidy12265TillingO18/16RO
D29*HO2459Dennis Subsidy12605DennisCh??
D30-32*HO2460-2462Dennis Subsidy12617/633/
D33*HO2463Dennis Subsidy12399TillingO18/16RO
D34*HO2464Dennis Subsidy12681Aldershot & DistrictCh26
D35*HO2465Dennis Subsidy12395ImmischO18/16RO
D36*HO2466Dennis Subsidy12430BirchO38RO
D37*HO2467Dennis Subsidy12467Tilling?O18/16RO
D38*HO2468Dennis Subsidy12494DodsonO18/16RO
Y42-45*HO2325-2328Daimler Y4187, 6131
6290, 5541
Y46*HO2329Daimler Y1003?B32R
Y47-48*HO2330-2331Daimler Y4200, 6466BayleysB26R
Y49*HO2332Daimler Y3995BrushB32R
Y50*HO2333Daimler Y5679?????

*Bonnet numbers not applied until 1922.
D17, D21 and D38 bodies ex-Northern General (new 1913). D17 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48RO in 1925. D21 and D38 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48RO in 1924.
D18 rebodied by A&D to B26? in 1920.
D19 and D22 bodies new 1912 (D22) and 1913 (D19) removed from two of the 1912/13 Leyland S-types, rebodied by Dennis to O48R in 1925.
D20 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48RO 1924.
D23, D25-26, D28 and D33 bodies ex-BMMO (new 1913). D23, D26 and D28 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48RO in 1925. D25 and D33 rebodied by Dennis to O48R in 1925.
D24 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O42R in 1924.
D27 body ex-Guildford & District MS removed from one of the 1915 Belize chassis.
D29 body removed from one of the 1915 Belize chassis.
D30-32 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to B30R (roll-top) in 1923 or 1924 (D32).
D35 body (new 1913) removed from one of the 1913 Leyland S-type chassis, rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48R 1924.
D36 had the body removed from either AA5307 or AA5308, rebodied by Dennis to O48R in 1925.
D37 body purchased from Tilling removed from one of the 1915 Belize chassis, rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48R 1925.
Y42 rebodied by Arnold & Comben to B32? in 1923, later re-seated to B26?
Y43-46 and Y50 rebodied by Strachan and Brown to B30? (roll-top) in 1924.
Y47-48 bodies ex-Guildford & District MS originally on Dennis chassis impressed by War Department, rebodied by Strachan and Brown to B32? in 1924.
Y49 original body ex-BAT removed from one of the 1915 Belize chassis, rebodied by Strachan and Brown to B30? in 1925.
Withdrawn 1927 (D27, D29-32, Y42), 1928 (D18, D34), 1929 (D17, D22, D26, D28, D33, Y43-50) 1930 (D19-21, D23-25, D35-38).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
CC11*HO2478Daimler CC416ImmischO18/16RO
CC12*HO2956Daimler CC509DodsonO18/16RO
D39-40*HO2469-2470Dennis Subsidy13146
D41*HO2471Dennis Subsidy13020DodsonO18/16RO
Y51-53*HO2472-2474Daimler Y4230, 6023,
Aldershot & DistrictCh28
Y54-56*HO2475-2477Daimler Y7136, 6278,
Aldershot & DistrictCh28

* Bonnet numbers not carried until 1922.
CC11 had body removed from Leyland S-type of 1913. Chassis of this vehicle was new in 1913.
CC12 had body removed from a 1915 Belsize. Chassis of this vehicle was new in 1913.
D39, D40 had bodies removed from Leyland S-types of 1913, D39 rebodied by Strachan and Brown in 1924, D40 rebodied by Dennis in 1924, both to O48R.
D41 had body removed from one of the Daimler chassis, rebodied by Strachan and Brown to O48R in 1924.
Withdrawn 1927 (CC11-12), 1929 (Y51-56), 1930 (D39-41).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
HO5506Daimler Y6626?B32F

Withdrawn 1921.


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
Y57HO6088Daimler Y5820Arnold & CombenB34R
Y58-59HO6091-6092Daimler Y6416, 5907Arnold & CombenB34?
Y60HO6099Daimler Y7290Arnold & CombenB34?
Y61HO6100Daimler Y4157Arnold & CombenB34R
Y62HO8855Daimler Y7304Arnold & CombenB32R
Y63HO9696Daimler Y6313Arnold & CombenB34?
Y66HO6155Daimler Y5698Strachan & BrownB32R

Y57, Y61 and Y66 re-seated to 26 at some time.
Y58-60 originally entered service with bodies on hire from East Kent Road Car Co., but received the Arnold & Comben bodies shown by 11/1922. Later re-seated to 32 and then to 26.
Y62 had a body started by A&D but finished by Arnold & Comben.
Withdrawn 1926 (Y63), 1927 (Y57-59, Y61-62), 1929 (Y60, Y66).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D73HO6190Dennis 4-ton40039Strachan & BrownB32R
D74-75HO6193-6194Dennis 4-ton40041/40Strachan & BrownB32R
D80HO6221Dennis 4-ton40042Strachan & BrownB36R
D81HO6223Dennis 4-ton40043Strachan & BrownB36R
D82HO6222Dennis 4-ton40044Strachan & BrownB36R
Y64HO6173Daimler Y4103East KentCh32
Y65HO6172Daimler Y6025East KentCh32
Y67HO6163Daimler Y5776Strachan & BrownB32?
Y68HO6174Daimler Y4121Strachan & BrownB32?
Y69-70HO6175-6176Daimler Y5253, 5411Arnold & CombenB34?
Y71HO6177Daimler Y3936Strachan & BrownB32R
Y72HO6207Daimler Y4520Strachan & BrownB32?
Y76HO6195Daimler Y4232Arnold & CombenB34?
Y77HO6208Daimler Y4645Arnold & CombenB34?
Y78HO6218Daimler Y6498Arnold & CombenB34?
Y79HO6219Daimler Y6184Strachan & BrownB32?

D80-82 later re-seated to 32.
Y67, Y68, Y71, Y72, Y76-79 re-seated to 26 in 1927 and 1928.
Withdrawn 1926 (Y69-70), 1929 (D73, D80-82, Y64, Y65, Y67, Y68, Y71-72, Y76), 1930 (D74, D75).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D16PD8344Dennis 4-ton40059HickmanO24/24R
D83HO6268Dennis 4-ton40051Strachan & BrownB36R
D84HO6272Dennis 4-ton40072Strachan & BrownB36R
D85HO6271Dennis 4-ton40077Strachan & BrownB36R
D86HO6273Dennis 4-ton40075Strachan & BrownB36R
D87HO6275Dennis 4-ton40076Strachan & BrownB36R
D88HO6274Dennis 4-ton40078Strachan & BrownB36R
D89HO6278Dennis 4-ton40074Strachan & BrownB36R
D90HO6286Dennis 4-ton40093Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D91HO6285Dennis 4-ton40080Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D92HO6287Dennis 4-ton40082Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D93HO6298Dennis 4-ton40101Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D94HO6300Dennis 4-ton40112Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D95HO6303Dennis 4-ton40117Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D96HO6299Dennis 4-ton40085DennisB36F
D97-98HO6301-6302Dennis 4-ton40086/094DennisB36?
D99HO6307Dennis 4-ton40087DennisB36R
D100HO6306Dennis 4-ton40144DennisB36R
D101HO6312Dennis 4-ton40143DennisB36R
D102-103HO6327-6328Dennis 4-ton40177/178Strachan & BrownB36R

D96 was rear-entrance by 1930.
Withdrawn 1929 (D83, D99), 1930 (D84-89, D93, D96-98, D100), 1931 (D16, D90-92, D94-95, D101-103).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D104PE1213Dennis 50cwt45000DennisB30?
D105PE1345Dennis 50cwt45001DennisB30?
D106PE1472Dennis 50cwt45002DennisB30?
D107PE1476Dennis 50cwt45003DennisB30?
D108PE1748Dennis 50cwt45004DennisB30?
D109PE1851Dennis 50cwt45005DennisB30?
D110-112HO6403-6405Dennis 4-ton40351/29/41Strachan & BrownB32R
D113-115HO6410-6412Dennis 4-ton40353/57/58Strachan & BrownB32R
D116PE2898Dennis 50cwt45011Strachan & BrownCh28
D117PE6859Dennis 50cwt45132DennisB30?
D118MO6184Dennis 50cwt45158DennisB30R
M2OR6049Morris 1-ton2108MorrisCh14

D118 ex-Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd. (new 1925 to Spragg, Bracknell).
Withdrawn 1928 (M2), 1929 (D116), 1930 (D104-109, D118), 1931 (D110-115, D117).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D119PE7879Dennis 30cwt50243Strachan & BrownB18F
D120PE7878Dennis 50cwt45232Strachan & BrownB30R
D121OT321Dennis 4-ton40386Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D122HO6492Dennis 4-ton40392Strachan & BrownB36R
D123OT320Dennis 4-ton40389Strachan & BrownB36R
D124OT319Dennis 4-ton40388Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D125OT318Dennis 4-ton40396Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D126HO6493Dennis 4-ton40391Strachan & BrownB36R
D127OT322Dennis 4-ton40400Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D128OT325Dennis 4-ton40398Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D129-130OT323-324Dennis 4-ton40404/399Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D131OT932Dennis 4-ton40394Strachan & BrownB36R
D132OT317Dennis 4-ton40401Strachan & BrownB36R
D133OT315Dennis 4-ton40397Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D134PF1792Dennis 4-ton40409Strachan & BrownO24/24R
D135PF1793Dennis 50cwt45232Strachan & BrownB30R
D136-137PF1794-1795Dennis 30cwt50557/58Strachan & BrownB18F
D138OT1433Dennis 50cwt45231Strachan & BrownB30R
D139OT1432Dennis 50cwt45224Strachan & BrownB30R
D140OT1431Dennis 50cwt45230Strachan & BrownB30R
D141OT1430Dennis 50cwt45229Strachan & BrownB30R
D142PF2404Dennis 50cwt45228Strachan & BrownB30R
D143PF2405Dennis 30cwt50572Strachan & BrownB18F
D144PF2598Dennis 30cwt50570Strachan & BrownB18F
D145OT316Dennis 4-ton40403Strachan & BrownB36R
D146OT1708Dennis 4-ton40390Strachan & BrownB36R
D147OT1707Dennis 4-ton40393Strachan & BrownB36R
D148OT1794Dennis 30cwt50573Strachan & BrownB18F
D149-150OT1965-1966Dennis 4-ton40410/395Strachan & BrownB36R
D151OT1964Dennis 30cwt50571Strachan & BrownB18F

R1 ex-Smith, Knaphill (new 1923 (PD2642) and 1925).
D122, D123, D126, D131, D132, D145-147, D149, D150 later re-seated to B32R.
D151 later re-seated to B16F.
Withdrawn 1927 (R1), 1930 (D119, D120, D136, D137, D143), 1931 (D121-135, D138-142, D144-147, D149-151), 1932 (D148).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D30OT3707Dennis 50cwt45474Strachan & BrownB32R
D31OT3751Dennis 50cwt45475Strachan & BrownB32R
D32OT3979Dennis 50cwt45476Strachan & BrownB32R
D152-156PF7695-7699Dennis 4-ton40441/42/
Strachan & BrownB36R
D157OT4377Dennis E17143Strachan & BrownB35R
D158OT4379Dennis E17145Strachan & BrownB35R
D159OT4378Dennis E17144Strachan & BrownB35R
D160-161OT4380-4381Dennis 4-ton40447/453Strachan & BrownB36R
D162OT4743Dennis E17142Strachan & BrownB35R
D163PH1106Dennis 4-ton40446Strachan & BrownB36R
D164PH1105Dennis E17141Strachan & BrownB35R
D165PH1107Dennis E17147Strachan & BrownB35R
D166OT4950Dennis 4-ton40454Strachan & BrownB36R
D167PH1457Dennis E17209Strachan & BrownB35R
D168-169PH1455-1456Dennis E17202/208Strachan & BrownB35R
D170PH1454Dennis E17200Strachan & BrownB35R
D171OT4954Dennis F80004Strachan & BrownC28R
D172OT4951Dennis F80005Strachan & BrownC28R
D173PH1458Dennis F80026Strachan & BrownC28R
D174OT5410Dennis F80023Strachan & BrownC28R
D175OT5707Dennis F80022Strachan & BrownC28R
D176OT5706Dennis F80021Strachan & BrownC28R
D177PH2657Dennis 30cwt51993ShortB19F
D178PH2656Dennis 30cwt51998ShortB19F
D179-180OT6136-6137Dennis E17257/258DennisB35R
D181-182OT6861-6862Dennis G70006/009HoyalB20F
D183OT6914Dennis E17246Strachan & BrownB32R
?OT5910Dennis 30cwt51933ShortB18F

OT5910 was exhibited at 1927 Commercial Motor Show. It had an all-metal body.
D30-32 OT3707, OT3751, OT3979) originally fitted with Strachan & Brown B30R bodies removed from D30-32 (HO2460-62) of 1919 (which had been re-bodied in 1923/4). They received new Strachan B26F bodies in 1929, re-seated to B20F in 1932.
D152-162, D164-170, D179, D180 re-seated to B32R by 1932.
D171-176 were converted to Dennis E-type (forward control) in 1931 and re-bodied by Strachan to B30R. They were re-numbered D324, D321, D322, D319, D320 and D323 respectively before re-entering service.
Withdrawn 1930 (OT5910, D177), 1932 (D152-156, D160-161, D163, D166, D178, D181-182), 1933 (D162, D179-180, D183), 1935 (D157-159, D164-165, D167-170), 1936 (D30-32, D171 as [D324], D172 [D321]), 1937 (D173-D176 [D322, D319, D320, D323]).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D184PH6550Dennis E17327DennisB32R
D185PH6549Dennis E17329DennisB32R
D186PH6695Dennis E17325DennisB32R
D187PH6694Dennis E17330DennisB32R
D188PH6699Dennis G70025Strachan & BrownB18F
D189-190PH6697-6698Dennis G70088/028Strachan & BrownB18F
D191*PH6693Dennis E17326DennisB32R
D191*PH6696Dennis G70041Strachan & BrownB18F
D192PH6736Dennis G70089Strachan & BrownB18F
D193-194PH6734-6735Dennis G70092/042Strachan & BrownB18F
D195-196PH6883-6884Dennis E17332/333DennisB32R
D197PH4623Dennis 30cwt52055SpicerB18?
D198-199PH7536-7537Dennis E17340/331Strachan & BrownB32R
D200PH7628Dennis E17336DennisB32R
D201PH7534Dennis E17382Strachan & BrownB32R
D202PH7533Dennis E17381Strachan & BrownB32R
D203PH7535Dennis E17383Strachan & BrownB32R
D204PH7630Dennis E17337DennisB32R
D205OT7923Dennis G70164Strachan & BrownC18R
D206OT7922Dennis G70165Strachan & BrownC18R
D207OT8282Dennis G70202Strachan & BrownC18R
D208PH7629Dennis E17365DennisB32R
D209OT7918Dennis F80053Strachan & BrownC28R
D210-211OT8283-8284Dennis F80052/055Strachan & BrownC28R
D212OT8378Dennis E17437Strachan & BrownB32R
D213OT7919Dennis F80054Strachan & BrownC28R
D214OT8591Dennis F80063Strachan & BrownC28R
D215OT8596Dennis G70200Strachan & BrownB18F
D216OT8598Dennis G70207Strachan & BrownB18F
D217OT8592Dennis E17448Strachan & BrownB32R
D218OT8594Dennis G70222Strachan & BrownB18F
D219OT8597Dennis G70219Strachan & BrownB18F
D220OT8593Dennis G70220Strachan & BrownB18F
D221OT8595Dennis G70221Strachan & BrownB18F
D222OT8590Dennis F80064Strachan & BrownC28R
D223OT8901Dennis E17471Strachan & BrownB32R
D224OT8900Dennis E17472Strachan & BrownB32R
D225OT8899Dennis E17484Strachan & BrownB32R
D226OT8898Dennis E17483Strachan & BrownB32R
D227OT8903Dennis E17506Strachan & BrownB32R
D228OT8915Dennis E17510Strachan & BrownB32R
D229OT9064Dennis E17529Strachan & BrownB32R
D230OT9063Dennis E17508Strachan & BrownB32R
D231OT9153Dennis E17532Strachan & BrownB32R
D232OT9151Dennis E17552Strachan & BrownB32R
D233OT9062Dennis H90011Strachan & BrownH56R
D234OT9350Dennis H90012Strachan & BrownH56R
D235OT8902Dennis E17507DennisB32R
D236OT8993Dennis E17504DennisB32R
D238PF5831Dennis 30cwt50923Strachan & BrownB19?
D239PE9850Dennis 30cwt50539?B19?
D240PE2077Dennis 50cwt51020?B20F
G1*PF8777Guy BB22184?B24F
G1*OT7917Gilford LL15SD10307Strachan & BrownC20F
G2-3OT7920-7921Gilford LL15SD10315/321Strachan & BrownC20F
G4OT8377Gilford LL15SD10347Strachan & BrownC20F
G5OT8376Gilford LL15SD10343Strachan & BrownC20F
G6OT8375Gilford LL15SD10345Strachan & BrownC20F
G7OT9152Gilford LL15SD10413Arnold & CombenC26?
G8OT9150Gilford LL15SD10415Arnold & CombenC25?
G9OT9352Gilford LL15SD10421Arnold & CombenC25?
G10OT9351Gilford LL15SD10419Arnold & CombenC25?
G11PH4233Gilford LL15SD10328Arnold & CombenC20D
M3PF9181Morris 25/30cwt5592?B14?

*Bonnet numbers duplicated.
D197 and G1 (PF8777) ex- May, Elstead (new 1927).
D238-240 ex-Chobham Bus Service (new 1925 (D240) and 1926).
G11 ex-Farnham Coaches Ltd. (new 1927).
M3 and R1 ex-Ross, Woking (new 1925 (R1) and 1927).
D192 later re-seated to B16F.
D209, D210, D211, D213, D214, D222 converted to Dennis E-type (forward control) and re-bodied by Strachan to B30R in 1932. They were re-numbered D342, D345, D343, D344, D347 and D346 respectively before re-entering service.
Withdrawn 1929 (G1 (PF8777), R1), 1930 (D238-239, G1 (OT7917)-G11, M3), 1931 (D207), 1932 (D197, D205-206, D240), 1933 (D194, D216, D220), 1934 (D188-190, D191 (PH6696), D192-193, D215, D218-219, D221), 1935 (D184, D186, D196, D198, D199, D201-202, D208, D217, D223-232), 1936 (D185, D187, D191 (PH6693), D195, D200, D203-204, D212, D234-236), 1937 (D233), 1940 (D209 as [D342], D210 [D345], D211 [D343], D213 [D344], D214 [D347], D222 [D346].


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D241OU860Dennis E17613DennisB32R
D242OU1091Dennis E17588DennisB32R
D243OU1092Dennis E17594DennisB31R
D244-246OU1093-1095Dennis E17625/23/27DennisB31R
D247-252OU1096-1101Dennis E17630/21/54/
Arnold & CombenC31R
D253-258OU1102-1107Dennis E17620/24/36/
D259-262OU1108-1111Dennis H90079/75/78/
D263-264OU1112-1113Dennis H90080/76Hall LewisL22/26R
D265-266OU1114-1115Dennis EV17802/04DennisB32R
D267-268OU1116-1117Dennis EV17810/12DennisB31R
D269-270OU1118-1119Dennis EV17801/03StrachanB32R
D271-273OU1120-1122Dennis EV17805/09/07Arnold & CombenC31R
D274-275OU1123-1124Dennis EV17806/16Arnold & CombenC27R
D276OU1125Dennis EV17824Arnold & CombenC27D
D277-282OU1799-1804Dennis EV17811/08/14/
D283-288OU1805-1810Dennis EV17825/23/26/

D241 and D242 later re-seated to B31R.
D247-252 later re-seated to C30R.
D264 fitted with Strachan L22/26R body from D289 in 1937.
D265, D266, D269 and D270 later re-seated to B31R before being re-seated back to B32R.
D267 and D268 later re-seated to B32R.
D271-272 later re-seated to C32R, then to C30R.
D273 later re-seated to C30R.
D274-276 originally fitted with WC and washbasin, re-seated to C30R (C30D) on removal.
Withdrawn 1933 (D259), 1936 (D241-246, D253-258, D260, D265-267, D269-270), 1937 (D247-252, D261-263, D268, D271-273, D278-280, D282-288), 1938 (D264), 1940 (D274-277, D281).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D289-301OU4310-4322Dennis H90137-143,
D302-311OU4323-4332Dennis EV17871/69/72/
D312OU4333Dennis EV17878StrachanB32R
D313OU4335Dennis EV17881StrachanB32R
D314-318OU6841-6845Dennis HV95010-14StrachanL22/26R
TS1-7OU6241-6247Tilling-Stevens B10A26812-17/11StrachanC30D

Withdrawn 1937 (D289-291, D293-294, D296-297, D299, D301, D314-315, D317-318), 1938 (D292, D295, D298, D300, D316), 1939 (D305), 1940 (D302-304, D306-D313, TS3-4), 1942 (TS5), 1945 (TS1-2, TS6-7).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D325-339OU7956-7970Dennis HV95015-21/08/
TS12*VB1272Tilling-Stevens B10A25548WiltonB32?
TS15*VB4040Tilling-Stevens B10A25866WiltonB32?
TS18-20*PG9382-9384Tilling-Stevens B10A26641/45/42PettyB32R
TS8-19OU7944-7955Tilling-Stevens B10A26946-57StrachanB30R

TS12* (VB1272), TS15* (VB4040), TS18-20* (PG9382-84) ex-Woking & District Motor Services (Nos. 12 (new 1927), 15 (new 1928) and 17-20 (new 1930) respectively) in 1/31. Re-numbered TS21-25 in 6/31 when OU7944-55 arrived.
Withdrawn 1935 (TS12* as [TS21], TS15* [TS22]), 1937 (D325-339, TS18-20* [TS23-25]), 1938 (TS9), 1939 (TS13), 1942 (TS12, TS15-16), 1945 (TS8, TS10-11, TS14, TS17-19).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D340-341CG1313-1314Dennis HV95040/39StrachanL22/26R
D348CG477Dennis Lancet170007StrachanB32R
D349-350CG1315-1316Dennis Lancet170175/179StrachanB32R
D351-356CG1317-1322Dennis Lancet170099-101/
D357-362CG1323-1328Dennis Lancet170161/70/
M1-6CG755-760Morris Director004/12-14/
M7CG762Morris Director046RPStrachanB20F
M8CG761Morris Director047RPStrachanB20F
TS20CG763Tilling-Stevens B10A28651StrachanB32R

D351-362 were used as non-psv’s (ambulances) from 9/39 and re-instated during 1945 and 1946.
The bodies from M1-8 were refitted to D381, D388, D385, D382, D384, D387, D383 and D386 in 1934 and 1935.
Withdrawn 1934 (M1-8), 1938 (D340-341), 1940 (D348-350), 1942 (TS20), 1948 (D351-362).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
M9-10CG3006-3007Morris Director094/123RPAbbottB20F

The bodies re-fitted to D389 and D390 in 1935.
Withdrawn 1934 (M9-10).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D363CG6358Dennis Lancet170464StrachanC30R
D364CG6357Dennis Lancet170474StrachanC30R
D365-370CG6391-6396Dennis Ace200010/14/
D371-376CG6397-6402Dennis Ace200045/30/
D377-379CG6403-6405Dennis Ace200072/79/
D380PJ7438Dennis GL70821DennisB20F
D381-384CG9010-9013Dennis Ace200246/318/
G1GO4013Gilford 1680T11835AbbottC28D
G2-3UL8634-8635Gilford 1660T10583/85DupleC30?
G4-5GK8611-8612Gilford 1680T11632/33AbbottC28D
G6-7GF5202-5203Gilford 1680T11274/268AbbottC28D
G8GO6464Gilford 1680T11634AbbottC28D
G9-10GX1240-1241Gilford 1680T12035/34AbbottC30R
G11GY176Gilford 1680T12062AbbottC30R
M11-12YX9515-9516Maudslay ML34475/74DupleC30D

D363 and 364 used as non-psv’s (ambulances) from 9/39 re-instated in 1946 and 1945 respectively.
D381-384 had bodies ex-M1, M4, M7 and M5 of 1932.
D382 received Strachan B20F body from D373 in 1945.
G1-11 and M11-12 ex-Farnham Blue Coaches (Nos. 32 (new 1931), 23 (1929), 24 (1929), 31 (1930), 30 (1930), 25 (1930), 26 (1930), 33 (1931), 35 (1932), 34 (1932), 36 (1932), 21 (1928) and 22 (1928) respectively).
G1, G4-8 later re-seated to C30D.
M11-12 later re-seated to C32D.
Withdrawn 1936 (M11-12), 1937 (G1-11), 1938 (D380), 1939 (D366, D381, D383-384), 1940 (D372, D377), 1941 (D369), 1942 (D378), 1943 (D365), 1944 (D371, D373, D376), 1946 (D368, D370), 1947 (D374, D379), 1948 (D363-364, D367), 1949 (D375, D382).


Fleet No.Reg. No.ChassisChassis No.BodySeating
D385-388CG9014-9017Dennis Ace200320/22/
D389-390CG9018-9019Dennis Ace200326/27AbbottB20F
D391-395CG9596-9600Dennis Lancet170763/65/
D396-398CG9601-9603Dennis Lancet170795/96/
D399CG9605Dennis Lancet170792StrachanC30R

D385-388 had bodies ex-M3, M8, M6 and M2 of 1932.
D389 and D390 had bodies ex-M9 and M10 of 1933.
D391-399 were used as non-psv’s from 9/39 and re-instated during 1945 and 1946.
Withdrawn 1941 (D385-386), 1942 (D388, D390), 1945 (D389), 1948 (D387, D391-399).

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