Local Transport History

Operator Fleet Histories

The Operator Fleet History section contains brief histories of municipal and private undertakings and records of vehicles owned and operated by such undertakings, all information being compiled with reference to various sources.

These are written in a ‘local history’ style and are intended to be brief summaries of the undertakings concerned and are not concise histories, which can be obtained elsewhere. There are only a limited number of histories available at present. This is an ongoing project and I hope to add more in due course as time permits.

General Transport Histories

This section contains general transport histories about the development of various modes of road transport (e.g. horse bus, tram, trolleybus etc.). These are only intended to be summaries and are not concise histories.

Manufacturer Histories

Histories of UK chassis and body makers – now all just a memory! Once again these are summaries and not concise histories.


Short biographies of some of the pioneers of road transport, along with the pioneering companies and vehicles that improved the lot of the traveller.

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